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Welcome to our website. We are Anne and Chris.
Originally from the UK and both with over 20 years experience of giving psychic readings, shamanic work and paranormal occurrences. We are a family business that specializes in providing professional psychic readings by email. A real high quality alternative to visiting a psychic in person.

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About Our Email Readings

Psychic Email Reading Features

Our email readings are based on the known principles and techniques of Tarot, Shamanism and Cartomancy. This is a high quality product and is unrivaled by others. No one else on the Internet is offering anything comparable or as comprehensive. We offer;

  • 300 Words - of detailed written text which will give an in depth explanation of what is discovered .

  • HD Video - a closer look at the spread and spoken analysis using video footage.

  • Photo/ Audio - a photo with audio comments and access to further information in one package.

Shamanic Tools Used For Email Readings

What To Expect - Your Choices

There is a choice of reader and reading types to suit different purposes.

  • Choice Of Reader

    "The Male Or Female Perspective". We are both available to give readings, choose your preferred reader.

  • Choice Of Reading Type

    "Question Reading". You can ask questions in a reading about any subject you like [ maximum 600 characters ]. A specific question with concise details will give a better result than a few general questions presented vaguely. We will give a rounded overview of the background and undercurrents related to your questions as well as an interpretation of what is shown to lay ahead.

    "No Question Reading". Perhaps your first reading from us will be produced on a no questions asked basis. We will see what comes up without needing any personal information. Prominent people and events in your life are likely to feature. If you need clarification of any area of this type of reading, you can ask questions in any subsequent purchases.

  • Choice Of Reading Length

    "Short Email". Our short psychic email readings are produced by one of us. You will get a photograph with audio comments and a choice between video or text.

    "Long Email". Our long psychic email readings are produced by both of us together simultaneously. You will get a photograph with audio comments and one of us will deliver a detailed written analysis [ you choose the author ] and the other a video presentation with a verbal commentary.

Long And Short Readings

Mobile Responsive

Our website is cutting edge. You can view the finished product on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Email Message

A link to your psychic reading will be sent to your email account. Access your private email reading page on our website.

HD Video

Your reading is presented in 1080p HD format for a quality visual experience. The footage provides evidence that your reading is real.


We take your security seriously. We use Paypal secure payment systems and we always discourage disclosure of your sensitive personal information.


We never reveal your personal details to anyone. Our billing is discreetly titled, minimal sign up is required and we never send spam emails.

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About Us

Professional Psychic Email Readers

Our combined level of expertise and experience means you will receive a balanced view like no other, offering both masculine and feminine perspectives. Our joint psychic email readings are unique and focused, a specialist product which is impossible to replicate.

Chris and Anne are our middle names, we prefer to use these names for all our psychic and shamanic work.


Email Psychic Reading By Anne

Hi, my name is Anne. I am a psychic reader who has spent many years researching and using divination techniques. During this time I have gained experience of the profound insight it can offer to both the client and the reader.
My readings will pick up on the main issues in your life. I have, however learned it is important to have a clear intention or question to get the best results.
The readings I am offering are a sincere and honest attempt to provide answers and illumination to any situations in your life which you feel are in need of clarification.

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Chris Gives Psychic Readings By Email

Hello I'm Chris, a skilled psychic reader and co-founder of this website. I have encountered, studied and worked with psychic phenomena for years. I am convinced useful credible information is accessible through divination.

I am serious about delivering good quality truthful readings but always in a tactful intuitive way.
The statements I make are based on my lengthy and continued study of esoteric shamanic knowledge. I aim to give a positive and meaningful experience that will help you on your journey

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About Our Techniques

Known And Trusted Divination Methods

Our divination methods are based on known and trusted techniques such as Tarot cards, Shamanic knowledge and Cartomancy. We have written a comprehensive explanation.
More about our readings.

Shamanic Tools

Shamanic Tools For Psychic Email Readings

We use shamanic tools for divination. A knowledge based system that gives specific information, this technique has taken years of study. In conjunction with intuitive interpretation this system is unbeatable.

We have hand crafted our own divination tools over a long period of time which means we each have an affiliation and connection with subconscious understanding to a level that many others never reach. You will not find any comparable system of divination through mass produced products.

A Reading Overview

Using this ancient shamanic technique we interpret the information for the written, audio, photo and video content.

The video and photo elements are highly visual and compliment the whole package, offering further insight and information. Here is a short video which helps illustrate what to expect from the HD film footage included with our readings.

We think this is a really excellent and unique way to receive psychic readings via email.

More about shamanism.

All Subjects Are Covered

Unlike many other psychics, we are prepared to answer questions on any subject matter Ask questions about anything. We give readings on a huge variety of subjects. Here are just a few.

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Contact Us On Skype live:psychicemailpro

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A fast and free way to contact us is using skype, it enables live instant chat messages, free phone /video calls and even file uploads. You can download Skype here.

Getting The Most From Your Reading

Although it is not essential, you can improve your understanding of the techniques that we use by following some of the links on the resources page. Investigation of these subjects may help you to interpret the significance of the reading with a broader perspective and deliver an extra clarity. Many things can be evident to an individual with an increased knowledge base that we are unable to discuss due to time constraints.

What We Will Do To Give Our Best

We always give the very best of our abilities.

1. We have read all the critics views of the things they dislike about email psychics and have endeavored to tailor our readings to address these view points. Security, privacy, clarity and quality have been our benchmark foundations in the creation of this website.
2. We take every reading extremely seriously and intend to give a beneficial and positive experience for all involved.
3. We will base our readings on what is known, not our own personal opinions. We will relay the information to you that is shown and explain the symbolic meanings and possible real life connections. We will attempt to communicate as much useful information as possible.

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