Psychic Email Readings Online

Psychicemailpro. Specialists in providing psychic email readings online - usually in under 24 hours. 15 minutes of video with additional photo, extra audio and text comments hosted on your own private webpage online. No sign up is required, a clickable link to your completed page is sent to your email address .

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Psychic email readings online

€60 - Private and secure customer webpages hosted online on this website. A comprehensive reading with 15 minutes of video and several minutes of extra audio comments, text bullet points and photo are included. The option to choose Anne or Chris. Questions or open readings. A fast turnaround of 24 hours is usual.

Psychic email readings online feature

15 Minutes of HD video

A Video of your reading is filmed live as it unfolds, from opening shuffle to final words - no rehersals. Close up camera work.

Enlargeable colour Photo

Your reading photo is used with the audio. Look at the symbolic information on your photo. Your individual journey is shown.

Several minutes of extra audio

After the reading a few extra insights and thoughts are voice recorded. Extra insight is gained from reflecting on your reading.

Text bullet points

A text description of your reading is written into key bullets points. Carefully chosen words that best describe what is shown.

The techniques used with psychic email readings online

The Tarot lays at the foundation of our psychic email readings online. It is trusted as a reliable method for delivering precise interpretations. We have extensive understanding and experience of this subject.

Cartomancy is the ancient art of fortune telling by using playing cards. We sometimes use traditional spreads such as hearts desire, horseshoe of fate and the romany way which are associated with this craft.

Shamanic knowledge is the incorporation of truth for personal development. Study of shamanic techniques from various cultures over many years has provided an extended awareness of reality and the energies that control our lives. More...

A choice of psychic email readers

Psychic Reader Chris Davies.

Chris Davies

Psychic Reader

I'm a skilled psychic reader and co-founder of this website. I have encountered, studied and worked with psychic phenomena for years. I am convinced useful credible information is accessible through divination.

A Picture Of Some Shamanic Marker Stones.

I am serious about delivering good quality truthful readings but always in a tactful intuitive way.
The statements I make are based on my lengthy and continued study of esoteric shamanic knowledge. I aim to give a positive and meaningful experience that will help you on your journey

Anne Davies

Psychic Reader

I am a psychic reader who has spent many years researching and using divination techniques. During this time I have gained experience of the profound insight it can offer to both the client and the reader.

A Marker Stone Used For Psychic Reading.

My readings will pick up on the main issues in your life. I have, however learned it is important to have a clear intention or question to get the best results.
The readings I am offering are a sincere and honest attempt to provide answers and illumination to any situations in your life which you feel are in need of clarification.

€60 - Buy Psychic Email Readings Online

Love and relationships - Careers and finance - Spirit connections - Past, present, future.

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