Psychic Readings

Our psychic email readings are based on traditional techniques.

Psychic Readings Based On Tarot

A fallen Ash tree branch was sawn into 72 discs, wooden rounds. We created symbols to represent all the information compiled from the list below:

  • The Tarot: Ryder Waite Tarot, Sheridan Douglas Tarot and others

  • Shamanic Knowledge

  • Syncronicity And Parapsychology: Carl Jung

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • Cartomancy: Cartomancy [Playing Cards]

  • Astrology: Astrology [Traditional Sun]

  • Folk Lore: Celtic Folk Lore [Tree Lore]

  • Flower Remedies: Edward Bach Flower Remedies

Over 500 symbols were created and drawn onto the wooden rounds. A highly complex hieroglyphic launguage that has thousands of combined meanings was created, it took over three years to complete fully. We studied the symbology untill we remembered it, it is an effective link between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a real divination.

Our Reading Subjects

We offer readings to answer the majority of questions. Traditional techniques from different disciplines including Cartomancy, Tarot and are used to answer all subjects.

General And Future Readings

Readings will give an overview of what is shown around a person or situation. Readings can be given for any time period including the future. Traditional techniques such as the Horseshoe of fate, the Coming year or the Romany way may be used for these subjects.

Inner Shamanic Journeys

Some people believe that we live many different lives in order to learn, experience and develop. Your inner shamanic journey is shown. The paths of illumination, transformation, knowledge and emotions are uncovered. Your souls journey through this life is explained.

Love And Relationships

We often use classic fortune telling spreads to see if desires of your heart will manifest in the future. The hearts desire a very powerful technique that gives yes and no answers. We can answer any questions regarding love and relationships

Connect With The Spirits

We use a known pathway to connect with the place of your ancestors which has been used in Shamanic traditions for generations. Spirit communication. Your questions can be put to the spirit world and see what answers come through.

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