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People often ask if we can connect with the spirit world, in fact this question is more frequent than any other. Using shamanic tools we are able to make the required psychic connection. Here we will explain what we offer with our phone and email services, and the technique and approach we use.

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About Spirit Connections

A Look At Connecting With The Spirit World

All of our spirit connection psychic readings are based on known techniques and principles of Tarot, Cartomancy and Shamanism.

    Would you describe yourselves as psychic mediums?

  • No we would not describe ourselves as psychic mediums. Our tools and techniques are based on known shamanic principles, they are not exclusively intuitive.

  • Will you contact dead friends and relatives?

  • No we cant do that. We can make a connection with the world of spirit and relay any messages we receive. We are unable to summon a particular spirit on request but an indication may be given as to who has come through. Spirit messages are sometimes given in an anonymous fashion.

  • Is it possible to ask questions directly to the spirits?

  • Yes. It is possible to direct a question to the spirits. It is safe. Direct questions are best asked via telephone to allow the possibility of spontaneous interaction. Emails are also suitable for this purpose but more limited.

  • Can you tell me more about connecting with spirits?

  • We are happy to discuss this subject with you further. If you would like to know more about this subject contact us using any of the contact options available on this website.

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What methods do we use to answer spirit connection questions?

More about our readings.

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