General Psychic Readings

If you would like a general overall psychic reading we can provide you with a classic past, present and future style reading. We use shamanic divination techniques to investigate all areas in detail. Our services are available by email and phone.

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About General Psychic Readings

A Closer Look At A General Psychic Reading

All of our general psychic readings are based on known principles and techniques of Tarot, Cartomancy and Shamanism.

What is a general psychic reading ?

  • This type of reading is an excellent overview of any situation, it gives a past, present and future style reading. These readings are traditional amongst psychics and fortune tellers, they are a good way to see undercurrents and possibilities. All kinds of things may appear from descriptions of people to spirit messages, no two readings are ever the same.

  • Can I ask questions during this type of reading?

  • Yes. You can ask for clarification in any area that may arise. Asking questions is a good way to get to more information from the reading. You can of course opt to have this type of reading without asking any questions and just see what comes up.

  • What is the best way to receive a general psychic reading ?

  • Both phone calls and email readings will work fine. It really depends on what you want. A phone call reading will obviously allow for more direct interaction, an email reading is better for people who wish to remain anonymous.

  • Can you tell me any more about this type of psychic reading ?

  • Yes we can. If you would like to find out whether this reading is applicable to your situation just get in contact with us. We are always happy to discuss readings with our customers.

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What methods do we use to answer general questions?

More about our readings.

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