Questions About Email Readings

Here we have answered the main questions surrounding psychic email readings and explored the advantages and disadvantages. We also explain in more detail the techniques we use to produce our readings. Services now available by email and phone.

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About Email Readings

A Closer Look At Psychic Email Readings

All of our email readings are based on known techniques of Tarot, Shamanism and Cartomancy.

    Q. Are psychic emails accurate?

  • They can be as accurate as any form of psychic reading. It really depends on the person doing the reading for you and the methods and techniques they employ. The key is to make sure you know who is doing the reading and what their technique is going to be.

  • Q. Are psychic emails as good as a one to one reading?

  • Some would say that they are better, it really depends on what type of person you are. If you prefer to remain anonymous and get the reading from the comfort of your own home then it might well suit your requirements. It also depends greatly on what you are going to get, some emails can appear bland and generic whilst others are meaningful and inspiring.

  • Q. How does a psychic email reading work?

  • There are various techniques depending on who you get one from. The old style technique is when you fill in a web form, make your payment and then wait to receive an email text reply. A more modern psychic email reading can involve a far more sophisticated approach which can include video, photos and audio recordings in addition to the standard text. A good company will host your own private page on their website, this is really the new minimum standard.

  • Q. Can an email reading work over geographical and time distance?

  • All psychics have different opinions. Some spiritual mediums say that they are unable to work in this way because they can't get a personal connection, others disagree entirely. If tools of divination are used as opposed to tuning in there is no reason that the reading would not work. If you take a scientific view, quantum disentanglement theory suggests distance and time are no barrier to connected interactions. If you take the parapsychologists view, there is no loss of synchronistic meaning to the person receiving the message.

  • Q. How do I know if the reading is genuine?

  • It can be difficult to tell a real psychic from a fake when dealing with online services. Big businesses are financially driven and employ a lot of staff, their ethics can be dubious. Often well known personalities are used to promote psychic email reading services, but they rarely if ever produce the reading. Smaller businesses run by individuals care more about their reputations and can be a better option. Look for quality websites that are centered on email readings, and ensure you know who is giving the reading and how. You have to use your instincts in this decision making process.

  • Q. How do I identify quality psychic email readings?

  • Price, real psychics will not work for nothing. A cheap psychic reading is rarely a good quality reading. Look for a well designed modern website with clear descriptions and examples of what you are going to get. Look for recommendations from others but don't be drawn in by promotional spin and sales tactics. A good sign of quality is the level of discipline that your chosen psychic displays in their whole approach. Look for people with genuine skills and knowledge which can be tested.

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Psychic Email Readings

What Are The Disadvantages?

  • Non genuine Psychics may copy and paste generic content into an email.
  • You do not have the ability to interact with the psychic during the reading.
  • An old style text only email reading can be uninspiring and disappointing.
  • You do not know whether the reading is computer generated.
  • The reading could be completely made up by someone with no tools and no skills.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Distance and location are no object to finding a quality email psychic.
  • You can remain anonymous and avoid any embarrassment of disclosing personal issues.
  • A psychic email can easily be fit into the busiest schedule.
  • As long as you give minimal personal information to the psychic, you can ensure against the fraudulent practice of 'warm' or 'cold' reading scams.
  • Email readings are generally more cost effective than visiting a psychic in person.

More About Our Readings

Psychic Readings Based On Shamanic Knowledge

 Our Shamanic Divination Tools Known As Rounds

What shamanic knowledge is this system built on?

We met a medicine man during a time of trouble, he demonstrated first hand the power that knowledge of the medicine wheel has when it is correctly applied. We have also had experiences with shamanism. We decided to investigate the medicine wheel and other connected subjects further and find out as much as we could. The principles of shamanism, the tarot and the medicine wheel became the foundation of our system of divination.

We noted the similarities between the medicine wheel, shamanism and the forms of divination and esoteric methods that we had been studying. We saw an obvious underlying connection between all their principles and mechanics, a universal truth was evident. We included all the information in our system that was complimentry, you will probably recognize many symbols that we have included if you look at the image above. Our system includes information and universal principles from the following :

  • Shamanic Knowledge

  • Syncronicity And Parapsychology: Carl Jung

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Tarot: Ryder Waite Tarot, Sheridan Douglas Tarot and others

  • Cartomancy: Cartomancy [Playing Cards]

  • Astrology: Astrology [Traditional Sun]

  • Folk Lore: Celtic Folk Lore [Tree Lore]

  • Flower Remedies: Edward Bach Flower Remedies

We found a fallen Ash tree branch and then sawed it into 72 discs, wooden rounds. We created symbols to represent all the complimentary information compiled, we created over 500 symbols and drew them onto the rounds. We created a highly complex hieroglyphic launguage that has thousands of combined meanings, it took over three years to complete fully. We studied the symbology untill we remembered it, it is an effective link between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a real shamanic system and proper divination.

 A  Wooden Shamanic Round

Past, Present And Future Shamanic Readings

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Best All Round choice

We have decided to mainly offer past, present and future shamanic type readings on this site, however we have a variety of other reading spreads which can cater for any type of question.

Genuine Proof

Every video and photograph will feature a hand written dated note to illustrate that the video is unique and genuine, not mass produced. A great way to reassure you.

Instant Satisfaction

An explanation of the past is the quickest way to test the accuracy of the information received and will increase or destroy a persons confidence in any future predictions. An explanation of the present circumstances has a similar effect. You should however take some time to reflect on information given and search deeply into your memory before making concrete decisions.
The future is never certain and can be changed by actions taken in the present.

Question Reading

For those people who have previous experience of the accuracy achievable through psychic readings this is the perfect option. Give specific information within a question and we will use our expertise to give in depth analysis.

No Questions Asked

Although in some ways it is a greater challenge for us, some people feel that until some trust has been established a no questions reading is a better option. The problem with questions is that many people are concerned that psychics engage in the fraudulent practice of warm reading, where a person gives too much information. We decided to eliminate this possibility. Provided the client has firm intention when they book a reading there will be no effective difference in the results. The major underlying forces affecting a persons life tend to rise to the surface in any case. Related questions may be asked in subsequent readings.

More About Shamanism

A Few Insights About Shamanism


In order to get into the position to offer these readings we have both had to walk a long journey. The journey is a necessary part of developing the skills, knowledge, experience and for acquiring the tools required for shamanic work. In reality anyone could undertake this course of development but many would not be prepared to go through the initiation process. Shamanism is not a natural born gift for the elite few but is open to anyone who has an inclination towards it.

Leaving Behind The Past

Be careful not to judge the rest of the world without ever actually leaving the shores of your own country. A key part of development of empathetic understanding is to experience what it is like to be the outsider, the stranger in a strange land. Leaving not only your home town but your old life, family, customs and teachings of society. The past is for letting go.

The Use Of Shamanic Tools

There are physical proofs that must be acquired to develop shamanic skills, this is not liked by those who tell you they are gifted from birth. Drumming is essential for ceremonial work and for inner visions and journeys, if you can't hold a beat effortlessly it may be impossible to do creative work. Other instruments may be a suitable substitute, but a real level of competence needs to be demonstrable. There are other tools for other purposes including divination.

Making your own tools for the purpose of divination based on knowledge gained rather than simply buying some cards or other object from a shop is a way to show commitment to this craft. It will take time, focus and study to complete a project of this nature. The rewards of this lengthy process are a deeper understanding of divination than most. It is reassuring to people if you are able to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen system rather than relying exclusively on intuition. You should be able to provide physical evidence in the present.

Study What Is Known

Read all sides of the arguments. From psychics to skeptics, scientists to psychologists. Shamanic knowledge, folklore, legend, psychology, parapsychology and even quantum physics. Remain open minded to the truth and be flexible. A huge amount of investigation has been made in all areas relating to this subject and it can be extraordinary how the opinions of people are often not at all what you may believe. keep an open mind for the future.

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