Love & Relationships
From Cheating Partners To Hearts Desires

Love and relationship questions are often asked. To answer these types of questions we use a Romany cartomancy spread called the hearts desire, these readings are tailored to emotional matters and they provide detailed in depth answers, phone and email services available.

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About Relationship And Love Readings

A Look At Our Relationship & Love Readings

All of our psychic readings concerning love and relationships are based on known methods and principles of Tarot, Shamanism and Cartomancy.

    What type of psychic reading is recommended for relationship questions?

  • Known by a variety of names, the Hearts Desire reading is definitely the most suitable. Rooted in history for hundreds of years, this Romany spread was devised to answer matters of the heart. A real lasting relationship or a cheating partner? Examine the past present and future circumstances surrounding any question. Perfect for lovers.

  • What is the best way to receive this type of relationship reading ?

  • If you would prefer to keep your distance and your anonymity then our email readings are a good option. If you would rather ask questions directly and get more depth, then a phone call may be better. In any event both techniques will deliver an informative answer.

  • What questions can be asked about relationships?

  • Ask questions about absolutely any subject. We can help to clarify whether you are in a possible lasting relationship or a short term affair. Lasting love or a cheating partner?

  • Could you tell me any more about love and relationship readings?

  • Yes of course. We will answer any questions you have, just contact us. We would be happy to help you.

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What methods do we use to answer relationship questions?

More about our readings.

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