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Here is an example of your finished private page when you purchase a long reading, only you will be able to access it. You will get video footage, a photograph, audio and 300 words of text with your reading. Easily the best psychic email readings online in 2018. There are no comparisons, no one else on the internet offers this type of quality or such an interesting package.

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The Photo Content

An Example Of Your Psychic Email Reading Main Photograph

Your own unique photograph is included with a psychic email reading, it will contain its own symbolic patterns. There will also be a few audio comments for a better understanding of what is revealed.

You may be able use the information in the table below to gain further shamanic understanding about your reading. The significance of the patterns in your photograph can act as an extremely useful insight for further in-depth analysis of the reading and can activate many more levels of subconscious connections.

Understanding Your Photo

Key : You can take your understanding a little further by reading this info.

An Image To Help Understand Your Email Reading Photo
An Image Of Two People People are represented in readings.
K : Kings are usually men.
Q : Queens are usually women.
J : Jacks are younger people. Males and females.
A Yellow Square Yellow is associated with spiritual development, intuition, perception and access to the collective unconscious. The moment. Spring. Numbers 1 and 11. Zodiac Fire signs.
An Orange Square Orange is associated with relationships, family, friendships and ancestors in the spirit world. Messages from the spirit world. Numbers 6 and 16.
A Red Square Red is associated with emotions, feelings and love and trust. The past. The fairy kingdom. The plant kingdom and their energies. Summer. Numbers 3 and 13. Zodiac Water signs.
A Brown Square Brown is associated with dreams, goals, ambitions and aspirations . Messages within dreams from dream teachers. Numbers 7 and 17.
A Black Square Black is associated with physical reality, materialism and introspection and transformation. The present. Power and magic. Autumn. Numbers 2 and 12. Zodiac Earth signs.
A Grey Square Grey is associated with law, results of actions, karmic and laws of men. Laws of nature and of cycles. Numbers 8 and 18.
A White Square White is associated with the mind, wisdom and knowledge. The future. Messages from the animal kingdom. Winter. Numbers 4 and 14. Zodiac Air signs.
A Gold Square Gold is associated with undercurrents, energies and forces that influence the way your life is lived. Self realization and dawning of understanding. Numbers 9 and 19.

The Written Content

Our email readings often come in the classic style of a past present and future technique. We may choose this style of presentation because it is universally recognised and understood as a genuine means of delivering precise divinatory readings. Sometimes we will use other techniques if we think they are more suitable.

You can however ask questions which are concerned only with the future or concerning any subject.

Your Written Psychic Email Content

By Chris or Anne

A minimum of 300 written words are written here.

The Video Content

We film your reading on a high definition video camera. Our videos are hosted on Youtube and are easily accessible. Your video will not be viewable by the general public. We sometimes record the reading as it happens for a truely live feeling. A verbal commentary is given throughout the film to explain what is shown.

Your Page usually remains online for one year.You can delete your page, Youtube video and reading details if you like by sending us a request from this button. Be certain because we don't keep back up copies.

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Psychic Emails In 2018

There is a large choice of options on the internet at the moment, however most email reading services are the old style outdated type that only offer written text. Our modern system of presentation is vibrant, dynamic and professional. We show that each reading is genuine and unique. Your own private hosted page within a colourful and cutting edge mobile responsive website with the highest standard of quality in content and delivery. We think these are definitely the best psychic email readings available online today.

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Psychic email readings usually take between 3 to 7 days to process after payment has cleared.

Purchase a reading from your chosen reader.

A £20 Email Psychic Short Reading Advert.

Includes Photo And Audio Comments:

300 Words Of Written Text
{ Choice Of Author }
5 Minute Video

Purchase a joint reading by both of us.

A £40 Email Psychic Long Reading Advert.

Includes Photo And Audio Comments:

300 Words Of Written Text
{ Choice Of Author }
5 Minute Video

The access link to your email page is sent to the email address you use for the Paypal transaction.
After payment, Paypal will give the option to return to merchant site where you are able to ask your questions and choose your reader/ reading option required .

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