What The Future Holds

If you have questions about what your future may hold, we can explain what is shown using shamanic divination. A forecast of the year ahead is an excellent reading for these questions, we can however look as far into the future as you wish, services by phone and email.

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About What The Future May Hold

A Closer Look At The Possible Future

All of our psychic readings that concern future predictions are based on known principles of Tarot, Shamanism and Cartomancy.

Can psychics see what the future holds?

  • A proficient psychic will be able to give an understandable explanation of what is shown in the future by the divination system they are using. Different psychics will employ various techniques.

  • Is it possible to change the future?

  • Yes. An individual always holds the power to change their own future. The future often depends very much on the actions taken in the present. A psychic prediction may change according to the intentions and direction taken by an individual.

  • What does science say about future predictions?

  • It is worth examining two areas of science in particular regard to this subject:
    1: Einsteins deterministic universe model. According to Einstein, one day man will posses the ability to predict everything from the movement of an electron to the course of a planets orbit in space. He believed that a way existed and would be discovered.
    2: Quantum psychics, in particular quantum entanglement. All things that have interacted with each other remain in some way connected. Millions of miles cannot stop instantaneous and related reactions in two entangled objects at speeds up to ten times faster than the speed of light, beyond any conventional scientific understanding or explanations. Einstein referred to this as spooky psychics.

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What methods do we use to answer questions about the future?

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